Riding Our Bikes on the Road to a Cure

Mission Statement

BBP (Bikes Battle Parkinson’s) is an annual bike ride organized by a group of friends with a collective passion for physical activity, fun, and charity dedicated to raising money and promoting Parkinson’s awareness throughout North America.



Our Ride

On August 4th 2012, twenty five friends will depart scenic Montreal, Canada to begin this year’s epic Bike Battle. After 3 days, and 375 miles of extremely difficult topography, the team will make their way into Bean Town, Boston, Mass!

Not only will the ride be very hilly and challenging for even the most polished athletes, it will be completed by one extraordinary team member who battles with Parkinson’s disease every single day.

Our Goal

Our annual aim is to raise $25,000 for Team Fox on behalf of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This money will assist in funding research opportunities that has the greatest potential in accelerating improved treatments, with the ultimate goal of a cure. More than 5 million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

BBP 2012

Our Story

Always looking for the next challenge, a group of friends from Canada conceived the idea for an annual bike trip. All being young professionals with a very heavy work/social calendar, time-off for a long cycling event was extremely hard to come by. With that in mind, the group mutually decided that short duration trips covering the most distance possible were the way to go.

Informally dubbed the ‘BBB’ or Boomer’s Bike Battle, the inaugural trip saw eight friends ride their bikes from Ottawa to Toronto in just three short days. It was that tour that sent the wheels in motion literally and figuratively as the foundation for this year’s ride.

Originally doing the journey for the pure challenge of it, the infamous ‘BBB’ ride has shed its skin and taken new form as an event that now carries enormous significance.

By dropping the last ‘B’ and replacing it with a ‘P’, our annual trip is now known as BBP or BIKES BATTLE PARKINSON’S. While the roots of camaraderie, fun, and exertion still remain from the original ride, this year’s expedition is rightfully geared towards raising money for the currently incurable disease Parkinson’s.

So why choose to raise money for Parkinson’s you might ask? My father, and BBP team rider is one of the 5 million people worldwide who suffer from the disease.

Please support us in our BIKE BATTLE to cure Parkinson’s!


Jamie Heighway
On Behalf of Team BBP

Previous BBP Rides

Montreal to Toronto – 350 Miles – 3 Days – Summer 2009
Clockwise Around Lake Ontario – 540 Miles – 5 Days – Summer 2010
Toronto to New York City – 550 Miles – 6 Days – Summer 2011

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